Get ready for Eventology

It is always a challenge, and to be honest, a real good fun to organize an event. Though I mostly organize dog shows, but it is true regarding any other ones.

When you organize, you have to create. You have to visualize something defined by the requirements and build it up in reality.

When I visit other shows it is always a great experience to see new tricks and ideas and sometimes real horrible to see all the mistakes the organizing committee made especially when all the malfunction could have been avoided.

Time to time I am asked to counsel other dog shows and many times I am asked to give advice about what a good event is.

When it is just natural to do so, you cannot really consider how complex it is and how many requirements must be met to make your event – and not talking about dog shows only –  a great success, thus I decided to gather all my practice and make it into a frame and share my expertise.

So get ready. Eventology is coming up soon.

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