A cup of tea for the soul

Usually we tend to handle positive and negative experiences on a real strange way.

The human mind tends to remember all the bad things we collected through our life much more easily than all the success we gained on our own.
This behaviour can partly be useful, as only concentrating only on our days in a sun we are capable of getting rest in the comfortable nest of laziness made by our past success and do not really care about the potential future ones.

But sometimes we need to look back on our positive memories. Especially when we loose drive, get a little disappointed or going through harsh periods.

I have made a list of my own history that contains all the good things for I fell myself proud, valuable. Taking care about only collecting those complex ones that caused positive feedbacks focusing on me, not just pure compliments from ‘outside’.

I read my list time to time.
To cheer the soul up a little bit like a cup of tea can do on a cold rainy day.

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