Trap of the supreme

There is nothing like the bestBeing the best, doing the best is always relative.

We are getting used to consuming “instant” information and knowledge. I really like quick lists about how to do and what to do. But always take them as tips or guidelines, but not as solutions to be adapted to gain “the best”.

In case of decision making you have to evaluate the situation, the circumstances, the behaviour of the people involved. And in that case you can consider all the facts and create an optimized (the best in that situation) decision.

And in case of yourself there is never a state of being the best.
You can be outstanding, you can very good at it. And which is the most important: you have to be proud of your experience and knowledge together with knowing your weaknesses.
And here comes the trap: if you consider yourself as the best you will stop improving and self-motivation yourself and you will realize (or not, but still true) that you used to be good at something, but stuck there.

Never get tricked by what you can get real rapidly, as it may be worth nothing at all. You can find yourself in a situation where you think you do what should be done, however, without any results.

Knowledge needs time and effort.

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