To be or not to be seen

Recently read a post on a Hungarian facebook page about personal branding I follow .

The discussion topic was about choosing between the following options:

a) You are the very best expert in your field, but not promoted, not well-knowned.

b) You have the same quality as the fellow competitors, besides the fact, you have a real well-built personal brand.

It sounds to be a common and simple situation, but if you dig deeper, you can find real a real important point of view, maybe more important than as it seems for the first time.
If you pick answer a), how do you know you are the best? And actually what is the best and for whom?

You can only measure yourself and your quality in the eyes of others. Without any kind of feedback from the outer world, how do you know who you are, what you achieved, what are your strengths and your weaknesses?
I am not telling that your environment is obliged to make the final judgement on your personality and quality. It must be done by yourself, but these information do give the essential information.
You are not the best if you are the only one telling this.

And assume you are really an expert, with extremely huge quality, how can you use it at all, if nobody or just some people knows about that? Can you appear to anyone the way you really are?

I try to teach my colleagues who work in the front-line, that appearance is very very important and essential. It is known that we judge within some seconds and make a judgement on the person for the first we met, and you cannot forget it later as well.
You cannot be furious when you want to lead and motivate people effectively, even if you are in the middle of a real frustrating situation.
You cannot be seen worried when you make a presentation, you have to be well mannered, you have to look confident.

But appearance must mean presenting and possessing content as well. Do never pretend something that does not exist! It will turn out sooner or later anyhow.

Appearance and content should belong together. Without presenting your inner content, your content is worth nothing at all, and without content, your appearance is just pretense, making you only a discredited person sooner or later.

The ability of using appearance wisely together with the content of yourself is a real massive weapon and without it, it is impossible to be a real professional.

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