respect to be respected

There are so many different schools of management including how you can be real effective behaving with the persons being around or on a lower level in the hierarchy.

You have to build up your own communication strategy together with your attitude on a conscious way that leads you to your goals. All your acts reflects back from the outer world. The way you act and behave triggers attitude in your team, contractors, etc.

It is always important why people act (or act at all) the way you would like them to do. This is where motivation starts…

You can force them with the threat of consequences, or you can just make them eager to do as you say it should be done.

The first option seems to be real common as it is much more easier. Oh, and additionally you can feel yourself someone with power in case your personality needs it…
The second option is a process. When you have reputation, when you become consistent and you can act humble and strict together.

Motivation is a key question of management for sure. And the most effective one is when people trust you and after a while they respect you.

Respect is not a thing that is felt for a person in an upper position. Something you demand because you are the big boss and you claim that.
Respect is not attached to your position automatically. Try so, and you will be isolated for sure and in case of emergency you may find yourself alone or just being curious why things have not come out with a result you had wanted to reach.

Respect is always a result. And never mix up with superiority…

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