Use help where you need it and create your own successful show in a smooth, professional way. Create a successful event, where you combine your assets in the most effective way.

What can my support add to your show?

  • You will be able to compete in a field that you have no or little experience in and work with a peace of mind that you’re working towards success.

  • Choose the full support package or get help with a specific area where you feel you have a weak point.

  • Get general advice if you only require feedback that you are on the right path to success.

  • Get online support or advice when you need it.

Why is a world-wide dogshow such a huge challenge?

  • Many different areas have their own needs. You need to be aware of the different demands of exhibitors, judges, visitors, press representatives and vendors. You need to build up your event so that you can satisfy all these demands at the same time and place.

  • It presents more complicated issues than any other events you normally organize.

  • No two events are the same. Every show differs in every country and because of this many circumstances differ. You shouldn’t take a risk to have great ideas and wait to see if they work or not.

  • Only the surface is seen when you visited a show before you never really saw the background work needed to achieve a successful result.

Are you aware of all aspects in organizing such an event?

Have a look at the following check list and see if you feel confident completing all the following areas. They are important and necessary to close your event with a successful result:


  • You have the venue set in stone with its all advantages and disadvantages. You have to create that venue into a convenient and secure place for everyone entering it.

  • You have to plan your entry gates, parking areas, halls, offices, VIP sectors, considering how people will move from point A to B as well as many other things.

  • You need to consider the traffic problems in the vicinity of the event.


You have to supply and transfer your goods to the showground the cheapest and easiest way without forgetting anything you need for your show. From the entry wristbands to the glasses of wine you serve at the VIP lounge.

Marketing & PR

You have to build up different marketing and PR strategies for your different target groups. You need to “sell” your show to the exhibitors, the vendors and the potential visitors. They form your income, thus it is very important to reach them in an effective way by creating a positive view of your event and building it up with professional and targeted campaigns.


  • All the data collected and used during the preparation must be well-organized and easy to maintain, process and handle. You need to consider dealing with possible complaints and problems as well.

  • Is your crew ready to receive and maintain an enormous amount of data?

  • Do you have a procedure system for entries, organizing all information related to judges and VIP guests?

  • Prepare well! Find and fix the risk of possible data loss and ineffective data procedures. Create a manageable and maintainable administration structure.

  • Incorrect data causes irreversible harm.


Press reflects on your show after it is over. Press coverage is the legacy of your work.
You have to supply material before, during and after the show and you have to react to any unexpected events immediately on the spot as well.
During your event you have to run a convenient and equipped press room fitted with the needs of reporters and photographers. You also need to take care of the press area of the ‘Best In Show’ ring as well, where most of the photographs will be taken.

Risk Management

Anything can go wrong, and some things will. Have a Plan B for all those situations which go wrong or appear that they might ruin your success. Risk management is about creating backup plans for situations that you can summon when it is essential to act immediately to avoid the total crush of your show.

Taking care of the judges

The judges of your show arrive from all around the globe and you have to be capable of organizing their travel, supplying them with information, managing their hotel bookings and transport during their visit, as well as ensuring catering service to the highest level to make their stay pleasant. While they work for you they are also your guests.

VIP guests

Inviting VIPs means meeting certain protocol demands and organising all associated tasks starting from an official invitation through optional transport and catering.

Ring stewards

The secret to having proper ring administration and keeping the BIS on schedule are down to the education and hard work of the ring stewards. Their performance affects the opinion of both the exhibitors and judges.
For a bigger show, with around a hundred rings you have to make sure they are educated to the highest standard and have an available and up-to-date information supply for all of them. You also have to plan the ‘Best In Show’ choreography as well.


Probably the most boring, the most complicated but the most important part of your show is to plan your budget, monitor it and be alert when you need to modify any elements of it. You need to be successful without being bankrupt.

Communication strategy

Communication is a thread, connecting the separate areas of your organizing team together. Any kind of misinformation can cause real trouble. The way you communicate within your team must be joint and organized.
Based on your marketing and PR strategy, you need to make sure that essential information is available to the outside world as well. Just imagine ten thousands of people contacting you because of a missing piece of information they need. Information is power, lack of information will result in disaster.


You have to set up a security protocol for the whole event as well as the venue. You need to define the entry points for exhibitors, visitors, VIP, vehicles and stuff in a real effective way to avoid complications. You also need to set up a system of entry levels.
Remember you need to secure assets and value, working jointly with your security team in case of unexpected events. For a smooth running of the show you need a complex plan and capable staff to execute it effectively.

Staff Management

Can you imagine that you will be able to handle all the problems and questions of up to 300 staff? Of course you can if you train them and inform them well. If you build up an effective hierarchical structure where information is passed up and down in an effective manner things will run smoothly.

Building up your contracts

Even if you have a very good lawyer or two, you will still have to do all the preparations and negotiations, and for that reason you must be aware down to the smallest letters of what your contracts should contain. All points, duties and responsibilities, need to be discussed in detail. Once you sign your contracts, there is usually no way back to change any of your needs or duties, everything is set in stone. You need to be aware that every duty arising at the show should be covered by a contract.

Sponsorship agreements

The proposal for potential sponsors must be very effective considering their profile and portfolio. You have only one chance to get their attention, so your presentation must be demonstrative. Build up the portfolio of your event, what you can offer and where you can offer exclusivity without excluding any other potential sponsors.

Event Management (conducting)

This is the day when everything you worked for during the last few years comes to life. Your ‘only’ duty is to be the conductor, solving all problems arising with a very strict monitoring system to make sure everything goes as you imagined.