The “Restoring the Reputation of Purebred Dogs” Series

Chapter I.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – October 2017.

Chapter II.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Annual 2017.

The “Sociology of Dogs” Series

Educating Humans on Dog Welfare

The general interpretation of education is usually taken to mean all those years we spent attending school in the past. Education in the sense of animal welfare activity is usually an extra element. But there is nothing as effective as education when it comes to dealing with these widespread but often well concealed problems. Ignorance is harmful, and there are important reasons why we need improved education on these matters.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – June 2017.
  • Hot Dog – Issue: 3/2017.


Animal cruelty and abuse is a common issue even in those societies where animals are respected and treated like the beloved companions they are. However ’We often hear in the news about animals being beaten, tortured and even murdered. The lucky ones who get help may have the chance to recover physically and mentally, others are not so lucky. And with each new case we ask ourselves: what is wrong with the heartless people, how can they commit such cruel acts?

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – July 2017.

Learning the Lesson

When we talk about how a dog can fit smoothly into human society, the key to success is how it can adapt to its environment on a daily basis to meet expectations in its behaviour. A badly behaved and uncontrollable dog is absolutely unacceptable in our society. Therefore we, in the best-case scenario, try to train them. There are many different sorts of discipline, tactics and points of view being debated on how a dog can be and should be trained the right way. But what is the ultimate educational method to prevent all the negative side effects which might be caused by unmanageable dogs?

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – March 2017.
  • Hot Dog – Issue: 2/2017.


It has never been this easy to boost the cuteness factor by overloading the world with pictures and videos of furry animals. Dogs have become entertainers. There are tons of material on your smartphone to scroll through while you are sipping your morning coffee. Does this new role of dogs in human society do either our beloved pets or us as owners any favours? Can we say they also become happy by making us happy?

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – February 2017.
  • Hot Dog – Issue: 1/2017.


Do not feel puzzled if the word in this title does not ring any bells. Do not rush to look up the dictionary and don’t bother to Google it. Honestly, relax. This word has never existed and that is the sole reason I have felt it would be high time to write about it.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – June 2016.
  • Hot Dog – Issue: 2/2016.

Individual Articles

Raising the Alarm on Designer Breeds

A new competitor for purebred dog breeders emerged some years ago. Heralding a new century, new achievements, new habits. Finally, the ‘evolution’ of new breeds has arrived for those who are bored with the normal ones. Please welcome the Alusky, the Bull Boxer, the Rustalian Terrier, and probably the most admired one, the Labradoodle. The revolution of breeds has arrived!

Published in:

  • Hot Dog – Issue 1/2016.
  • The Canine Chronicle – March 2016.

Dogs of Iceland

We all know about the spectacular lava fields, the geysers, the Aurora Borealis and Björk. Conversely, only some of us know all the difficulties Icelandic breeders have to face to get into -and stay in – the international dog scene.How do exhibitors really go on in Iceland? Does the separation of the island mean automatic separation from the world of dogs as well?What sort of difficulties have to be faced and how did breeders find the solution?

Published in:

  • Our Dogs Crufts Classic 2016

The Internet and the World of Dogs

However, everything that human beings can create can be used for good and also for bad.

Published in:

  • Our Dogs Annual 2016.

EU on Animal Health – Does It Make Any Sense?

It is common knowledge that the lengthy process of the EU’s directive concerning animal welfare enters a new phase this autumn when voting will take place on the new regulation on Animal Health. Will it really affect breeders in a negative and unhelpful way? And is this law really about animal health? Keep reading, and you will be surprised…

Published in:

  • Hot Dog – Issue 3-4/2015.

Dogs Behind Bars

Dogs, whom we have considered our best friends for millenia, have been our companions since the birth of civilization. First, we hunted together and they protected us. As the history of mankind and its needs have changed, the role of dogs has changed in our everyday life accordingly, opening up new and yet undiscovered areas.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: July 2015.

Mutts against Crufts! Crufts against mutts?

Not only did thousands of those who participated in the finale of Crufts 2015 have the chance to see the volunteer of PETA protesting against Crufts in the name of crossbred dogs but a bit later the same organization uploaded a video and they were proud of this so-called ‘dramatic’ moment.

Published in:

  • Our Dogs – Issue: May 8, 2015.
  • Hot Dog – Issue: 1-2/2015.
  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: June 2015.

Crufts – as seen from overseas

Published in:

  • Our Dogs – Issue: March 20, 2015.

Generation Z – Today’s challenge for tomorrow

The problems caused by the generation gap – labelled with phrases like “Back in the day…” and “Youngsters these days…” – have never been as meaningful as they are nowadays. Globalisation and the virtual society created an absolutely new and different generation. The basic and urgent question being whether the canine society has realised it so far and is able to find the proper way to react.

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Published in:

  • Hot Dog – Issue: 3/2014.
  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: May 2015.
  • Our Dogs – Issue: June 12, 2015.

Mission: Impossible Possible

Animal rescue activity – together with rehabilitation and finding a new home – is still one of the toughest issues for animal welfare organisations in civilised societies. But what about starting and completing the same job at the world toughest and most dangerous places? Rural environment and jeopardy does not mean there are no stray animals at all – contrariwise, the opposite exists. Nonetheless, it still happens in Afghanistan and seems to work, starting with a real unordinary friendship.

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The “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” Series

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – About Puppy Farming

Educating ordinary people about the existence of puppy farms and the damage they cause is really important. But is this information sufficiently complex and detailed enough to present the whole picture? Moreover, is it clear and obvious who we are really fighting against? What is a puppy farm exactly? Why does it have such a dangerous effect on society?

Published in:

  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 43.
  • The Canine Chronicle – February 2016.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – About Overpopulation of Dogs

The most critical animal welfare issue for decades is that of the existence of abandoned dogs. Besides the never-ending struggle of animal rescuers and shelters to fix the lives of these animals discarded by humans, the issue raises some questions causing massive debates. Why on earth do people breed dogs at all when shelters are full? What is the point in buying purebred dogs for a fortune when you can choose to pick up one for on a lower price and can save a life at the same time?

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Annual 2016.
  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 42.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – About Responsible Dog Ownership

When we aim to help dogs to have a better, happier life, we have to explore what causes most of the problems that can crop up. And even, where most of the problems stem from. The most significant animal welfare issues broadly are animal cruelty and the existence of huge numbers of abandoned dogs. To determine the cause of these problems logically we need to look at where the majority of dogs can be found.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: September 2015.
  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 41.
  • Pets Today Cyprus- Issue: 02.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – About Animal Welfare Issues

Animal welfare is an integral part of modern society. The major aspects are usually the problem of stray dogs and animal cruelty. These elements often cause lengthy and deep-rooted debates mostly between the breeder society and animal welfare activists. And from time to time you get the feeling it is a neverending struggle without real benefits or achievements. The hard to answer question is: for what reason?

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: August 2015.
  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 40.
  • Pets Today Cyprus- Issue: 01.

The “Kennel Marketing” Series

Kennel Marketing 5. – Looks

Colours, shapes, arrangement and the variation of all these determine the first impression we make. The creation of unison and effect is a complex task, especially if we wish to make an impression consciously.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: August 2016.

Kennel Marketing 4. – What‘s Worth a Thousand Words

With a well-chosen picture attention can be raised and emotions can be communicated. Empathy, warmth, trust, anger, understanding. Human emotions are revealed in a split second. Especially if one knows how to do it properly.

Published in:

  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 43.
  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: July 2016.

Kennel Marketing 3. – The Virtual Arsenal

The virtual space offers thousands of possibilities, not all of which offer a solution that would help you reach your goal. A lot depends on what devices you start using and how much effort you make to get to know them. It’s time to see what to use of the ever-changing, unfailing and growing selection of the internet and why.

Published in:

  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 42.
  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: May 2016.

Kennel Marketing 2. – The Virtual Foundation

Whether we like it or not, communication today happens mainly on the internet. This is also true regarding the source of information. It’s impossible to imagine everyday life without social networks or thematic websites. Likewise, you cannot avoid using the internet if you want to communicate about your kennel in the virtual space.

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: November – December 2015.
  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 41.

Kennel Marketing 1. – What is It? And Why?

What makes anyone more well-known than others? Why are some people who should be more successful regarding their achievements remain anonymous? Why do those interested turn to one particular breeder rather than others? What makes a breeder well-known and acclaimed internationally and what do others do that makes them unable to take one step further? And what does all this have to do with marketing?

Published in:

  • The Canine Chronicle – Issue: October 2015.
  • Pets Today Greece – Issue: 40.