“Yes, the preparation for the show began several years ago, but all the hard work paid off with the maximum return.”

Svetlana Valoueva – Our Dogs World Show Winners 2013 Special Issue


The most prestigious and greatest event of the dog world. The right to organize based on the decision of the General Assembly of the worldwide federation.
Based on the reflection of the exhibitors, judges, guests, visitors and press we are happy to note that this was the best organized dog show one in the last decade.
It took place at Hungexpo for four days with an attached international show prior to the main event in May 2013.
To give an idea about the scale of the organisation, more than 23 thousand dogs were entered by around then thousand owners, participating more than 200 judges of 45 countries from 5 continents, 200 – 250 VIP representatives and guests, approximately sixty thousand visitors, 150 – 160 vendors and other booths, and the whole event served by approximately 450 staff.